image info: canon5d w/ 16-35L. walking north on aurora ave near 85th

this has been a week full of costly car repairs.
yet nothing feels different. not a day goes by that i don’t think about selling my car and using the money for a down payment on some other fun thing… and almost immediately in that same moment i am reminded, either by myself or someone else around me that having a car is absolutely vital to my survival. i *need* to travel outside of my boundaries in order to feel motivated by the life around me. i suppose this has always been the case. many of my friends from college have joked about how they’d seem my lil’ white wagon all over town… and many people have gone on long drives with me through rural areas outside of the city i resided in at the time. sometimes we’d get out and take photos… maybe that’ll be a post or potential book theme in the near future. anyway. my car. i wish i didn’t depend on it so much, especially in the time of heightened awareness of how bad my machine is for the world around me. i’ve been considering the tradeoffs of alternative energies for my transportation… i admittedly don’t know much, but my ears are finally perking up with interest when i hear words like ‘biodiesel’ and ‘hybrid’. i know i can make a change, just trying to figure it all out is going to take me a minute.