from a distance

postcard from seattle

evening view from gasworks park

as a passenger

driving around with the corey

views from amsterdam

expired film shot through the yashica t4 from a trip i took last summer…

shannon lake

Pics of the band Lemolo for Artists4Artists

Check out the spotlight on the band Lemolo post on the Artists4Artists. You’ll see more pics I took :)

Thanks to Anna for the opportunity.

times square

iphone + instagram fun

thad & kelly

Marriage Declares Victory – So Should You!

Congratulations to all the new couples (including myself!) who are now able to marry to their partners with support! This is about love and commitment, working together, and building a life-long trust between people.

In order to honor the passing of same-sex marriage rights in the state of Washington, I am offering 50% off all services in the state of Washington to those couples who are QUEER OR STRAIGHT if you book before the end of the year!

That’s right. This isn’t just about the gays, folks. This is about equality.
This is also about saving up to $1500 on a wedding photo package.  :)

P.S.  A part of the proceeds will go to HRC, so that other folks can someday celebrate too.

Links to help you out: wedding portfolio & price sheet (pdf)

Glenn from The Walking Dead (played by Steven Yeun)

Are you a fan of the show The Walking Dead?
Just came across one of the headshots I took of Steven back in 2005… just before he left for Chicago to try his luck with Second City comedy troupe!

Take a look at his guest appearance on Conan last week or learn more about his career in Film/TV on

So cool!

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jessica & stephen’s wedding

congrats to jessica and stephen!
their wedding took place on an organic farm outside of the seattle area. great people, fun energy, beautiful details, and just good ol’ fun!

Matt & Susie’s First Dance

Being awesome at Rain City Rock Camp for Girls

seattle dusk

some of the last photos taken with my lomo lca before it finally died on me…