Elise’s trailer

Last weekend, we took a lil’ ferry ride road trip out to Port Angeles on the Olympic Pinninsula to Elise’s property.  Bonfire, trailer, sparklers, good food and great company.  An epic way to spend the afternoon.  Thanks Elise for having us!

Corey came over last night….

end of the day

one of the last shots of the day with linda in downtown seattle.  i love the intersection of lines and argyle in this image.

linda & andrew

andrew contacted me recently with hopes of surprising his ladyfriend with an afternoon of pictures to commemorate her being 60 years very young… our afternoon was filled with great energy and laughter to keep us going, no matter how cold it really was outside.  congrats linda!


hwy 101

a memorable lil’ roadtrip down the coast of northern california


the last day the public was allowed on the Seattle Viaduct in downtown seattle before demolition

sunday afternoon walk

olive way – seattle

Sean & Geoffrey

Last weekend I was a guest at Sean & Geoffrey’s wedding, which took place in the Hudson Valley area, two hours north of New York City.  Knowing Sean for a few years now, I was ecstatic when him and Geo announced their engagement.

Watching these two celebrate their new life together was super amazing.  Congrats to you two!



rain city rock camp showcase

another awesome year shooting rain city rock camp (formerly girls rock! seattle), where their mission is dedicated to building positive self-esteem in girls and encouraging creative expression through music.  learn more at

this is what a champ looks like!


meredith’s buddy clobber for a quick afterparty okstupid shoot… unbuttoning her shirt apparently made all the difference

quick sunday adventure

lake michigan

jonny tamm on lake michigan
Since I’ve begun working at ZAAZ, I have met several peoplefrom Michigan (Ford Motor Co is a major client).  There has been one womanin particular, who is from South Haven, a lil’ beach town located on theeastern shore of Lake Michigan, about 45 minutes from my undergrad collegetown. 
Speaking with her, I was reminded about how much that areahas meant to me and my friends over the years. It was a perfect 45min drive from all the stresses of college backthen.  Along the route, we’d pass thelast gas station on West Main… drive through Bangor (a sleepy speed trap townjust when you least expect it) and a stop at Jericho’s, the church-turned-liquorstore.  When I left Michigan, this wasthe spot I was truly leaving behind.
Anyway, I miss it.  
Imiss the warmth, the lighthouse walk at the end of the pier, the familiar DairyQueen with air-conditioning, and the kindness of the folks who lived there,opening their precious town to the rest of us who needed it once in a while.  I still haven’t found that space in Washington, however, revisiting South Haven in my mind made me realize that the search needs to continue.