kate at six19

kate at six19
contax t2 w/ outdated portra vc

a quick snap of a girl i just met… kate. this was at the six19 building in pioneer square, seattle during the Art Walk, in the style of terry richardson

freeway stop

freeway stop
a stop along our lengthy drive back from eastern washington

hugh & nora

hugh & nora
wedding day in la conner, washington

jumping pics are always a good time

party on the sound

portraits of kevin & brenna

hugh & nora

hugh & nora
one of the first shots of the day with hugh and nora on their wedding day
taken on lone point, washington with canon 5d, 16-35L, and 580ex along the puget sound

independence day pre-funk

independence day pre-funk
canon 5d + 1635L + flash behind subjects and a low powered softbox camera right triggered by pw’s.

had a couple of derby gals over to celebrate the fourth of july with a quickie photoshoot. more posted elsewhere.

Enchilada recipe

Last night, I made my infamous enchilada recipe.  I wish that didn’t sound like an egoishoverstatement, 
because it isn’t.  This recipe has been the number one request by ex’s and old roommates, and for good reason.  They are easy, delicious and freeze well. Since posting it on Facebook last night, I’ve received quite a fewpeople requesting the details.  So here goes….

Serving size: 10 enchiladas (usually 2 per person)
Things you’ll need (replace with fresh ingredients as you see fit):
Bean Mixture:
1 can black beans
1 can pinto beans
½ tablespoon sour cream
1 can diced green chilis
2 tablespoons ground cumin
6oz red enchilada sauce (you canalso add green enchilada sauce, but make sure to have the red as well)
Half jar of roasted red pepperssliced into lil’ bits
1/4 cup shredded cheddar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 cup green onion diced
Whatever else you want.  Corn, tomatoes, etc.
The rest:
                Flourtortillas (soft taco sized usually work best)
                1.5 cupscheese
                12ozred enchilada sauce
                ½ cupgreen onion diced
                Sourcream (when eating)

Take the two cans of beans and drain/rinse in a colander.   Then mash them up with your hands so it’smore like a paste. 
Dump the beans in a pot on the stove, addthe rest of the bean mix ingredients and stir over low heat.  Usually, I taste test and keep adding spices at this point.  The bean mixture shouldhave a kick, if not, add more spice, enchilada sauce and green onion.  Do not overdo the sour cream in the beanmixture. 
Once I’m satisfied with bean mixture, I let it cool a bit soit’s not so liquidy.  This makes iteasier to spread inside the tortilla.
Pull out a big dish that will fit at least 8 rolledtortillas… lasagna dishes are perfect.
On the bottom of the dish, drizzle more enchilada sauce sothe tortillas won’t stick.  Also, keep inmind, with this recipe, you cannot and will not have too much sauce.  Over do it.
Then, one by one, fill a flour tortilla (you can use wheator corn as well, but flour tortillas are the best by far) and roll them.  Usually three tablespoons of bean mixture pertortilla is perfect.
Line ‘em up on the dish. 
Then, sprinkle more cheddar across the top, add more redenchilada sauce, and top with more diced green onion. (sometimes I’ll use dicedtomatoes, but Meredith doesn’t like warm tomato so I avoided it on thisrecipe). 
Bake for about 25-30 min at about 350degrees. 
Serve with sour cream
These enchiladas are seriously simple and delicious.  I highly recommend making ‘em. You can’t gowrong!
Btw, this is a recipe I kind of made up from what my mom used to make, so feel free to adjustaccordingly.  They also freeze really well,so make extra!
Also, using 1can bean + 1can pinto is enough for about 8-10enchiladas (usually 2 enchiladas make a serving). For more, I’ll add an extra can of black beans.  The bean mixture is a delicious dip for chipstoo. 
Yesterday, I also calculated the calories, and it came outto be ~275/enchilada!

at home with meredith

at home with meredith
canon 5d + 16-35L

just a shot in the living room that i liked :)

new age

new age
canon 5d w/ canon 16-35L

driving through middle washington with the corey

ivana clobber

ivana clobber
canon 5d w/ 16-35L

took a daytrip out to the windfarm again…

A trip to Wanapum Dam

for the last daydrive before the corey ( disappeared off to the oregon country fair for a month, we followed the warm weather to eastern washington. this led us to the wanapum dam area on the columbia river. a three hour drive in the heat made testing the waters an adventure for corey. i eventually waded in as well, but not without a few screams and perhaps even small shock from the chilly temps.

afterward, looking for a local lunch spot, we stopped in a tiny town called matawa (pop. 2600), where almost 90% of the population is hispanic or latino. coming from out of town, not speaking spanish, and being a vegetarian, proved to be a bit of a challenge. there was a lot of “no carne” being said, with dim results.

i’m a sucker for eastern washington… i love the open land and water and mountains and sunshine. expect more.

for anyone who may care, the first few pics were with the canon16-35L and the last couple were with the iphone and photoshop mobile free app


back in the day back in the alley

middle washington

middle washington
somewhere near othello, washington

blue scholars

blue scholars
canon 5d w/ 16-35L

the blue scholars @ grcc