Hi, I’m Puja!

Born and raised in Metro Detroit, I have been photographing in Seattle since 2005. Photography has always been a serious hobby of mine; I’ve not only done photo shoots, but I have also led workshops and tours to engage others in my favorite activity. In college, I frequently invited people to join me in the darkroom, and now I love sharing the images on the back of my camera with my subjects as we cruise through a shoot. My goal is to not only take great photos, but to collaborate—with everyone involved—on the fun that takes place during a session.

I’m self-taught and love working on projects related to the needs of people. I am most often asked to shoot weddings and portraits, or capture commercial spaces (though there have been many other assignments along the way as well!). My photos have been featured around the internet, in a documentary, in print publications, on album covers, and even in a science journal! Some sites that have highlighted my work include Yahoo, Wired, PDN, Flickr, Digg, ABC News, and Curve Magazine.

When I’m not behind a camera, I work as a Product Manager at Avvo.com, where we “take the fear out of legal”. I drink a lot of coffee (and roast my own with a popcorn maker!), take a lot of road trips around the Pacific Northwest, and am entrenched in the roller derby community (thanks to my partner, a founding member of the Rat City Rollergirls).

I’m a problem-solver and storyteller, an experience-maker and fun-creator. Sometimes I rhyme. Mostly I smile.

Let’s do this!

Info + Rates

If you’re interested in learning more about some of the services offered, take a look at the price sheet (pdf format).