Music in the crowd

Just came across a shot of RA Scion I took a couple years ago during a Blue Scholars show. If you’re into the hip-hop scene, you may recognize him as one half of the super duper infectious Common Market. (Although the audience don’t seem too excited, do they?)

Listen: The Game Needs Me – Common Market (w/Blue Scholars & Guru)

Acupuncturist photoshoot

Julie and Annie had contacted me via The Corey about helping her friend get some shots of Annie’s new acupuncture space in Tacoma (she also works out of Wallingford in Seattle).  Annie Hines, LAc, LMP, is a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, Maya abdominal practitioner, and licensed massage practitioner who wanted some up-to-date images for her website to help give context to those who are interested in learning more about her services.  For Annie, she knew that she needed her photos on her site to build comfort around acupuncture even before a client steps in her office.  I was amazed to observe her professionalism, she was so passionate and kind about her work, that even babies went from crying to smiling in a matter of seconds.  To viewers this may look like a simple clinic photoshoot, but for me it had a lasting impact.  Thanks for such a wonderful day.

Learn more about Annie’s practice:

Afternoon view


Warm up

Returning home to a roller derby widow

Preparing myself as today, my girlfriend Kitty Kamikaze, one of the founders of Rat City Rollergirls, will be skating her last bout after eight years of playing with Derby Liberation Front.

Return and reunion after a long-term roller derby deployment can be a time of tremendous happiness and relief. But the transition back to family life can also bring its share of challenges. Fortunately there are steps that both returning roller girls and their partners can take to make the return to family life as joyful and stress-free as possible.

Understanding the ups and downs of reunion

Couples who have been separated by roller derby often look forward to a roller girl’s return as a time of happiness, a chance to get back to “normal” life. Children look forward to having a missing parent back at home. The active roller girl looks forward to a joyful reunion and the comforts of home. After a dangerous sport, families are relieved that the player is returning home safely.  Perfectly normal feelings; But mixed in with those feelings of excitement and anticipation are also some perfectly normal worries and resentments. Husbands and wives may worry that their spouse has changed – that there will be new strains in the relationship.  They may fear giving up the independence that being apart has allowed them. Or they may resent what they imagine as the freedom the other has enjoyed during the derby season. While everyone in the family looks forward happily to getting back together, they may also feel some anger at having been separated in the first place – a feeling that children and partners sometimes express very openly.

Reunions can be especially challenging if there are feelings of jealousy or rumors of infidelity.  Initial reunions are often very happy. But because expectations on all sides are so high, they can also be stressful. This is because there can often be a “mismatch” between everyone’s high expectations and the reality of family life.


It’s Alive!

Yay! It’s finally here!

I have been working on putting together a new website, and now that it is live, I am super excited to show it off! It wasn’t until my last blog finally crashed and burned on the backend that it forced me to push new changes. It’s funny how by day I work as a “product owner” of a major web project, but my own dot com was troublesome. However, with a ton of great help from Meredith and Heather, I had access to the code work and editing needed to make my new a reality.

For those of you who have followed along over the past few years, thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy the ride. For those of you who are new, I invite you to view the archives that have been brought in from various other blogs/sites I had running in the past. Additionally, if you are interested in subscribing to this incredibly exciting content, please use the RSS info to the right.

Take a look around. I’m so so so happy that I have a venue to share imagery with friends and fans again.
And please, leave a comment to let me know you stopped by!

p.s.  The site still has that new car smell… so if you run into any bugs along the way, please let me know.
p.s.s.  Let me know if you need an smokin’ front-end coder person and/or a totally kickass copyeditor.

THANKS!  – puja


friday intersection

*tap* *tap*  is this thing on?

kelly castle scott & thad wenatchee

i worked with kelly and T to create an 8mm film this afternoon.  during that time, i took some digital clips, and here it is.

to hear more kelly:
to see more thad:

thad + kelly

Sunny Sunday

Sunny Sunday

Feels awesome

How kind and amazing. Thank you, Annie!