golden hour after work

fuji x100s – love it

friday night funday

lake washington | fuji x100s

whidbey island with meredith

one of the best tupperware picnic afternoons i’ve had in a long time
fort ebey | whidbey island | washington


such a good sport


fuji x100s | kat

fourth ave

roadside stop

day three


walk with the fuji x100s

this camera is hot. the internet is raving about it, and so am i. the perfect walk-around companion that is making me *want* to take pictures.
lots to learn. sorry to keep having to mentioning this camera. it is just making me so happy!

First night with the Fuji x100s

Pictures taken by Meredith on our first evening out with the new Fuji x100s.
What is crazy is that these were both taken in very dark situations. The reviews were right… if you can see it, you can shoot it.
This camera has only been in my hands for less than 24hrs and I’ve already listed 5 older cameras on eBay because I love it so much.

up high. high up.